Asexual reproduction does not involve the brand new fusion from male and female gametes

Asexual reproduction does not involve the brand new fusion from male and female gametes

The male reproductive system has testes, external genitalia, i.age. knob and connection ducts, viz., rete testis, vasa efferentia, epididymis and you will vas deferens. As opposed to the female reproductive program, really areas of the male reproductive system are found away from human body. Other than these types of parts, a man reproductive system also includes the male connection glands you to definitely was prostate glands, seminal vesicles and you can bulbourethral glands.

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  • What is actually Reproduction?
  • Branded Diagram from Male Reproductive Program
  • Men Reproductive System
  • Male Connection Glands
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What is Breeding?

Breeding is the physiological procedure of producing offspring of the identical form. It is one of many important processes which help into the delivering the latest extension of the species, age bracket after age group.

  • Sexual reproduction.
  • Asexual reproduction.

Sexual reproduction is sold with the fresh combo away from male and female gametes one to are made into the female and male reproductive pieces, respectively.

Branded Drawing from Men Reproductive System

Let us consider the male reproductive program one signifies additional pieces or body organs of your own men reproductive system that have an effective branded drawing.

Male reproductive program

The male reproductive system is sold with the latest testes, scrotum, spermatic ducts, men connection glands, and you can dick. Many of these organs collaborate in order to make sperms, the male gamete, male sex hormones and other elements of sperm.

  • Knob and you can Urethra is a part of both the reproductive and you will urinary options.
  • Scrotum, seminal vesicles, vas deferens, testicles (testes), and sexy Okinawa girls prostate make-up the remaining men reproductive program.

Your penis possess a root that is connected to the formations off both the pelvic skeleton minimizing intestinal (the new shaft’s visible region) glands that has a cone-shaped avoid. The fresh new urethra’s opening ‘s the route you to offers sperm and urine and you can lies in the idea of your dick. The base of the penis is named Corona.


It is the men outside genitalia. It involves three cylindrical rooms from erectile muscle. Both at which is big, the new corpora cavernosa rest side by side therefore the 3rd one to is the sinus, called corpus spongiosum discusses the newest urethra. Your penis becomes tight when such rooms was filled with bloodstream. Brand new structures help in the fresh new erection of one’s cock and you will helps insemination. The brand new foreskin discusses the newest enlarged prevent of the penis named glans knob.


It’s a good sac out-of dense facial skin one to protects and you will surrounds the fresh testes. Additionally control the heat of your own testes simply because they have to be at the a somewhat all the way down heat compared to the body’s temperature for suitable cum manufacturing. The new looks regarding the wall structure let the testes to hang far throughout the system otherwise compress to pull all of them nearer to have security and warmth.


A couple of testes exist from inside the individuals. Testes are present outside of the human body inside a pocket called the scrotum. He could be oval bodies, up to 4 to help you 5 cm in total and two to three cm large. Fundamentally, the new kept testis hangs quite lower than the best one.

Sperms manufactured about seminiferous tubules. Each testicular lobule contains one about three seminiferous tubules. Seminiferous tubules was covered by two types of tissue:

Leydig tissue otherwise interstitial muscle exist outside of the seminiferous tubules about interstitial rooms. It secrete men sex hormone otherwise androgens, e.grams. testosterone.

Male Sex Connection Ducts

Rete testis, vasa efferentia, epididymis and vas deferens is actually men sex attachment ducts. Seminiferous tubules discover toward rete testis, which leads to vasa efferentia. Vasa efferentia opens up into the epididymis and you will epididymis contributes to vas deferens. It causes the newest ejaculatory duct along with a duct of the latest seminal vesicle. Sperms adult throughout these ducts. Sperms is held and you may transferred courtesy these types of ducts.


It’s a pipe-particularly framework one connects the fresh new urinary kidney for the urinary meatus. Inside the guys, brand new urethra trip through the cock which can be mostly doing work in a couple head properties:

Men Connection Glands

A man attachment glands is seminal vesicles, prostate and you can bulbourethral glands. A set of seminal vesicles can be found. Brand new Seminal vesicles occur along side prostate, related to the newest vas deferens which will make the fresh new ejaculatory ducts one to travelling through the prostate. The male attachment glands make liquid you to nourishes the latest jizz. It’s called seminal plasma. This liquid is high in fructose, calcium and you may specific nutrients. They constitutes the maximum quantity of brand new semen, in which the sperm was thrown throughout climax.